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Three websites to plan the perfect holiday

by Leanne Yong on April 9, 2014

It’s getting to that time when the thrill of the new year is wearing off, and really, it’s about time for a break. A proper holiday. Perhaps you already have the leave, or are planning to take some. Here’s a list of three websites that will help you plan the perfect holiday!



Hipmunk trawls through a multitude of airlines and returns results for your chosen flight (or flights) based on a combination of what they call ‘Agony’ (how long the stopovers are, and how many) as well as price. It’s simple to read, easy to use, and has a very wide range of airlines that other websites don’t usually cover. I always use this as my first point of call when booking flights. It’s easy to change the date, and there’s multiple tabs so you can search multiple locations and dates at the same time.

Note, however, that the prices are in American dollars. Also, it’s usually more convenient to use this to find the flights, then book directly with the airlines. That way, if you need to make any changes, you can do so directly with the airline and not through a third party that may charge you for doing so.



For cheap accommodation right in the middle of the action, you can’t go past Airbnb. People all over the world put up their rooms or entire apartments and houses for short-term rental – perfect for a holiday stay. You can usually find accommodation in the city centre at a price that doesn’t boggle the mind, or even challenge it.

I used it when I went on a trip to Italy. A friend and I stayed in an apartment 5 minutes from San Marco Piazza in Venice for $100 a night between the two of us, and in another apartment a minute’s walk from Florence’s main cathedral for about the same price. We had both places to ourselves! The owners were also locals who advised us on the best places to eat and the sights not to be missed.

Keep in mind that you should be look at a listing carefully before booking – how were the reviews? Were there any problems or warnings from previous guests? Do you get the entire house/apartment to yourself, or are you only renting a room? If you’re careful about the places you choose, Airbnb is easily one of the best places to find a accommodation for your holiday.



I love this site. Once you sign up with your email, it will pick up all flight, accommodation and car rental confirmation emails and automatically organise them into an itinerary for you. It will pull most of the information, including addresses, booking numbers, flight numbers, and so on from the email itself, so all you need to do is log in and double-check the information. It will even add directions between each place!

This really saved me when I was travelling around America and had quite a few connecting flights. Despite not knowing the airports (and some of them are huge, with multiple terminals!), the app gave me the correct terminal and gate number before I left the hotel, so I could tell the taxi  or bus driver exactly where to go. It also updated me on flight delays and gate changes in real time.

You can also get the app for your phone so that it travels with you. If you’re a frequent traveller, it’s probably worth signing up for the Pro version. It allows you to download your itinerary so you’ll have all your booking information at your fingertips, not to mention directions and addresses!

What websites or apps do you like to use when planning your holidays or travelling? Let us know in the comments!

Leanne Yong is the Tech Editor of Leaders in Heels and an aspiring author. She loves games, gadgets and technology in general, and you can follow her Facebook page or check out her website to see what she’s up to.

Featured photo: Werner Kunz

Leanne Yong
Leanne Yong is the Leaders in Heels Managing Editor, and a Games Master for an escape room (Next Level Escape). She loves stories and puzzles, and has written four novels.
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