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Spotlight on… Wearable Technology

by Leanne Yong on April 17, 2013

The integration of technology in our everyday lives has come a long way. The first computer needed an entire room to operate. The first mobile phone was about the size (and weight!) of a brick. But can you imagine living without either of these now? The question is, where to next? The future, it seems, is moving toward wearable technology. Imagine making a phone call on your gloves, or being able to have a map projected in front of you as you’re navigating a new city. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the more interesting technology that you can wear (or match with your outfit!).

Spotlight on… Wearable Technology

The Ripple Headset

This Bluetooth headset looks like an earring. An oversized, beautiful earring. Admittedly, this has only been prototyped, and is not available for sale yet. However, it’s a great example of how technology can be seamlessly integrated with fashion. Designed by Ilya Fridman, a Melbourne-based Industrial designer.



This clutch charges your mobile throughout the day, so you never have to worry about running out of charge when you need to make that crucial business call. It comes in a range of stylish designs, all the better to match with your outfit.


This small video camera attaches to your clothing and automatically takes two photos every minute with GPS information, so you have a record of your entire life. Imagine what fascinating snaps you can spam your Facebook friends with now! (But kindly spare us your toilet shots).

Pebble Smartwatch

This watch uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, and displays notifications such as incoming texts or emails, or caller IDs. It can also be used to control your music, or display information while exercising—and that’s only the beginning. It will do more as individuals or companies create more applications that use the watch.

Google Glass


Google Glass

Of course, the most ubiquitous of upcoming wearable technology is Google Glass. The concept is simple—glasses with a display which overlays unobtrusively on the real world. It will be able to take photos and videos, surf the web, and make phone calls, among other things. It’s like a wearable smartphone. If you believe Google, the future is here.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the wearable technology available these days. Do you currently use any, or know of any others? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Image courtesy of Monash Art, Design and Architecture, Google Glass.

Leanne Yong Leanne Yong is an aspiring author currently working in the field of IT consulting. She loves games, gadgets and technology in general.

Leanne Yong
Leanne Yong is the Leaders in Heels Managing Editor, and a Games Master for an escape room (Next Level Escape). She loves stories and puzzles, and has written four novels.
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