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How to find the perfect T-shirt

by Amy Richards on October 11, 2013

Who am I?  I’m versatile and chameleonic and paired with the right mate, can go from comfy at home casual, to slick and super professional.  I come in all shapes and sizes but recommend you own me in 4 specific styles, forming the foundation of your go-to wardrobe.  Yes, I’m a T-shirt!

The 4 styles of T-shirts


 #1 – Slim and Structured


Weathered Pippi Stripe T-Shirt $60

I fit you snugly (but not too snugly) and I’m fitted through the body and arms.  I look great with a round or boat neck in crisp, clean colours and stripes.  My best pairing is with less fitted pieces like wide leg trousers and full skirts so make sure I don’t drape or bunch up.

 #2 – Slouchy and relaxed


Just Female Gazo T-Shirt $60.37

I’ve got a round or v-neck and am a bit looser.  I love to show off a little collarbone and look fabulous with a rolled sleeve.  You can wear me hanging out or loosely tucked into skinny jeans, fitted skirts and dressy shorts.

#3 – Give me graphics!

ASOS Digital Print T-shirt $37.81

I’m a little bit different and like to be original.  Look for me in a bold but simple design, nothing fussy or overdone.  I look good fitted or relaxed and my best friends are cool printed trousers, leather pants and simple shorts.

#4 – Like fine wine, I get better with age


Amplified Ramones 74 Crew T-Shirt $34.03

I like to put my musical tastes right out there and proclaim my rock star status!  I’m faded and might be a bit distressed (but in a good way!).  You may have bought me at a concert back in the day or found me at a market or on eBay.  I love a contrast and although I look good with your favourite faded jeans or denim shorts, I look hot with a pencil skirt and/or a tailored blazer.

Still think a t-shirt is a ho hum wardrobe piece? No way! Choose your own style and add the perfect t-shirt to your wardrobe.  It’s a summer essential!

Are you a t-shirt fan? What’s your favourite look?

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Amy Richards
Amy Richards is the founder and creative director of Sterling and Hyde, a women’s accessory brand specialising in their own range of Italian leather handbags, costume jewellery and fashion accessories. Amy was named one of Dynamic Business Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2012. Amy is also a business and life coach who helps women achieve their own financial independence through entrepreneurship so they can go out and catch their own dreams!
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