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How To Choose The Right Handbag For Work?

by Amy Richards on March 1, 2013

If there is one thing every woman needs in their work wardrobe it’s a functional yet professional work handbag. This piece alone is one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe as you not only wear but use it everyday. A well chosen handbag will also be a fabulous investment, which will stay with you for the test of time.

A well structured leather handbag will make you look more polished, feel focused and confident enough to conquer whatever your day has in store for you!

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right work handbag for you.

TIP 1:  Consider investing in a leather handbag

In today’s times we have to be wise in spending our hard earned money, yes? Well scrimping on one of the hardest working items in your wardrobe just doesn’t make sense. You are far better off to invest in a leather handbag (with such a low cost per wear) and spend less on those super seasonal pieces.

Choose a classic leather handbag free of tassels, noisy hardware and large logos and you can’t go wrong.


TIP 2: Size and structure is important

Your work handbag should be generous enough to move items between your home and office without becoming too heavy or unwieldy.  Your office handbag should be able to fit your iPad and perhaps an A4 folder but not so big as to be able to fit the kitchen sink.  Your back will thank you for it!

Structure is important too.  Unstructured slouchy hobo bags are great for the weekends but I suggest you carry something around which is a little stiffer and more structured for the office.  Nappa leather handbags are a great option here as they are highly structured and great for protecting all your high tech toys too.

For those commuting to and from work, a bag with a choice of straps to wear across your body and also on your shoulder is best.


TIP 3: Pockets = Organised

A great work handbag needs to be well organised.  Look for handbags with at least one external zip pocket for your iPhone and keys. A few internal pockets also help to keep items such as pens and business cards off the bottom of the bag.


TIP 4: Express yourself through colour

The right colour depends on your working environment, but using colour is a great way to spice up and revitalize any repetitive or bland outfits. If you want to make a statement consider choosing a bright coloured leather handbag in a classic colour such as red, navy or burgundy to pair with your daily corporate fashion outfit. More classic? Then go for black or tan as they are always in fashion and can mask stains easily.


All handbag images sourced from sterlingandhyde.com.au and sterlingandhydecustom.com

All other images sourced from polyvore.com

Amy Richards
Amy Richards is the founder and creative director of Sterling and Hyde, a women’s accessory brand specialising in their own range of Italian leather handbags, costume jewellery and fashion accessories. Amy was named one of Dynamic Business Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2012. Amy is also a business and life coach who helps women achieve their own financial independence through entrepreneurship so they can go out and catch their own dreams!
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