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Love is Everything – Free downloadable Print

by Kasia GosposAugust 2, 2015

If we all had more open hearts and just let love and compassion be the way we primarily live our daily lives then I really believe there would be immense positive change within humanity.

Marryam Lum, Founder of Life of My Heart

This print has been created as part of collaboration between Life of My Heart and Leaders in Heels by Marryam Lum, Muslim photographer based in South Australia.


Marryam is famous for brush lettered and watercolor prints of inspiring quotes and verses that showcase the rich spiritual tradition of the Islamic faith.

Marryam explains why she chosen this quote to share with the Leaders in Heels community:

“I once read a beautiful book by a Buddhist nun that encouraged the readers to pause before acting, and then choosing to act with an open heart and with love – it can all sound so fluffy but I decided to take this on and try it myself as a daily practice.

I found that on a day to day level as a work at home parent, taking a second to pause when I’m faced with a situation that I find annoying or challenging or frustrating, and then consciously deciding to act or react with love and an open heart, made an amazingly massive difference in my relationships with my children, and connected us all in ways that a more disciplinary parenting strategy or ‘time outs’ could ever achieve.

That realization helped me to realize that I truly, truly believe that love is everything, which is why this Rumi quote speaks to me so strongly. When I read it, it instantly connected with me. If we all had more open hearts and more acceptance of differences and just let love and compassion be the way we primarily live our daily lives then I really believe there would be immense positive change within humanity.”

Download includes high resolution PDF file 8.50 x 11.93 inch (A4 size).

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Read our full interview with Marryam.

Kasia Gospos
Founder of Leaders in Heels. Passionate about using Leaders in Heels to empower and connect all women in business. Loves all 'sorts' of technology and on most days can be found happily typing away at her desk or looking up things on the web. Is a feminist at heart and loves to meet new people. Australia, Sydney
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