Red Heel Day is an annual event held in October to celebrate female leaders and entrepreneurs.

As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves. We criticise ourselves while forgetting all the hard work we put into both work and family life. And we tend to keep quiet about our own achievements because it’s too easily seen as bragging.

A study by KPMG showed that many women, while aspiring to top positions in organisations, didn’t see themselves as leaders.

Here at Leaders in Heels, we want to put aside a month celebrate these women, and encourage them to celebrate themselves and all they’ve accomplished.

“Behind every successful woman is herself

Inspired by the LEADERS IN HEELS Manifesto, the event promotes key leadership traits of female leaders: passion, creativity, innovation, determination, confidence and kindness. The “Red Heel” is a symbol of female power, and Red Heel Month is a movement of people and organizations recognising the power of women and their ability to shake the world.

As part of the movement, LEADERS IN HEELS is celebrating Red Heel Day on Wednesday 26 October, 2015 in Sydney. This is an opportunity for women to gather, celebrate and share their achievements with each other.

Below are a couple of ways you can join the movement.

How you can celebrate Red Heel Day

There are a number of ways how you can get involved to celebrate or support Red Heel Day.

1. Reflect on your achievements

1 Red Heel Day

Throughout Red Heel Day, we encourage you to reflect on your career, business and life and to assess what success means to you so that you live your life on your own terms. Let your past achievements inspire you, and spur you on to bigger and better goals in the year to come! Use Make Your Mark to reflect on all your milestones during the year, and to plan your goals and objectives for the following year. Make Your Mark stationery is structured to take you through each of the manifesto traits and inspire you in each area.

Use the exclusive redheelday promo code to receive 10% off your Make Your Mark set (valid till 31th October or until stock lasts).

2. Share your successes

2 Red Heel Day

Throughout Red Heel Day be open and share your achievements! Be bold. Be brave.

Remember, if you don’t share your achievements with others, the chances are no one will notice them. Dare to be a Leader in Heels! – Kasia Gospos

Use #RedHeelDay hashtag when sharing your successes on social media and we will be promoting them as well.

3. Inspire and recognize others


Red Heel Day in October is a perfect opportunity to acknowledge someone who has inspired you. The journey we take as female leaders and entrepreneurs can be a long, hard slog. It’s nearly impossible to do on your own, and we know that somewhere out there are the people who encouraged you to think bigger, who encouraged you to do, who shared your failures and celebrated your successes with you.

As part of Red Heel Day movement, we want you to acknowledge those people and let them know just how big a part they have played in your life. Let the world know! And just maybe, you’ll inspire or encourage them in return.

Use #LeadersinHeels and/or #RedHeelDay hashtags when recognizing achievements of others on social media.

4. Wear a touch of red

4 Red Heel Day

On Wednesday 26th October, the official Red Heel Day (and our 5th birthday!), wear your favourite red heels or something red. This is a day for us to come together and show the world that we are Leaders in Heels, and everything that encompasses. Show everyone that we stand together as women who will make their mark on the world!

Use the #RedHeelDay and #LeadersinHeels hashtags on Twitter or Instagram to share your photos and your successes, and to connect with a community of female leaders.

5. Organize or attend a Red Heel Day event in your area

6 Red Heel Day

We encourage organizations and women that run women’s communities to organize Red Heel Day-themed events. We want you to share and celebrate the accomplishments of women in your communities! You can use the Red Heel Day artwork and the ideas on this page to hold your event.




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Red Heel Day Partnerships

Please contact us if you would like to get involved in Red Heel Day as a volunteer, partner or sponsor.

All organizations purchasing a minimum of 25 Make Your Mark notebooks will be officially recognized on this page as Red Heel Day supporters.

We love creativity and innovation so please get in touch if you have ideas on how we could make this special day even better!

Leaders in Heels is an online community and magazine created to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders and we want to encourage women, men and organizations around the world to get involved and celebrate women’s achievements and female leadership traits together with us!

Meet the team behind the Leaders in Heels and Red Heel Day.

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