Kasia Gospos CEO Leaders in Heels

When I created Leaders in Heels 10 years ago I was hoping to create a simple blog of female success stories for women (mostly my friends) to read.

I hoped it would inspire and empower them in their own careers and lives. My friends were so supportive, and when even more women joined the readership, my vision broadened.

Together we dreamed of turning that humble blog into an e-magazine that would inspire not just some women, but thousands of women.

Since then we have published over 1000+ life-changing interviews and articles, and our website has been visited more than 8 million times! This wouldn’t have been possible without you being part of our community.


Since 2014 we have launched many habit-making notebooks, self-coaching journals, planners, productivity and meeting tools.

My dream of inspiring and empowering women hasn’t changed. However, “the how” has. The idea of a magazine with weekly-scheduled articles no longer thrills me.

Coming up with new creative solutions that make your life better is what makes me jump out of bed excited in the morning. I am passionate about designing beautiful products that change people’s lives.

Leaders in Heels Rebranding
Leaders in Heels Rebranding


To make space for new, we need to let other things go.

From this point forward, I will be shifting my focus towards creating more tools to help you become a better leader in your everyday life. That means no more e-magazine.

Our website content is about to get a serious shakeup!

Name change

I realise the brand name Leaders in Heels no longer represents us under our new direction. In 2020 we introduced unisex career and meeting tools. Why? Because we are striving to be more relevant and more inclusive.

Although I used to wear my power heels into the office and to networking events, I haven’t had much chance to since the pandemic! Besides, as a busy mother of little ones, I haven’t wanted to wear heels for years. What I want to do is to create for my two little people at home. Ironically, they are two boys! So you can see how the old brand name and heels logo has become less relevant.

I think Sheryl Sandberg said it best:

“In the Future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders”.

The name change is the perfect way to mark this exciting new chapter.
Focused. Creative. On purpose. Driven by heart. That’s who I want to be.

So here is a little heads up as to what’s coming.

What’s changing soon:

Our brand name
Less frequent articles but with more meaning and purpose
Contributors and interviews by invitation only
No more ads in our articles

What’s staying the same:

Our manifesto values
Our approach to design and quality
All our products and services continuing to carry empowering and inspiring purpose
Our passion for intentional designing primarily for women
(although you will see some products for men and little leaders too)

Over to you!

How do you feel about our proposed changes for Leaders in Heels?
We would love to know! Especially if you have been with us since our start in 2011, and have watched us change and grow.

Do you have any guesses for our new brand name?
Is there anything else you would love us to change?
Do more of? Do less of?
What should we keep, and what should we let go of?

Join the discussion on Instagram and help us shape our next chapter.
Or contact us directly to send through your feedback.


If you collect stationery like some people collect stamps (do they still do that?), snap up the last of our Leaders in Heels product range. We can’t guarantee these soon-to-be-collector’s items will gain value, but we can confirm you will enjoy using them.

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