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Kasia Gospos, founder of Leaders in HeelsMy name is Kasia Gospos and I’m passionate about supporting and empowering women. I want to inspire and assist women to create fabulous businesses, careers and personal lives.

I believe that an education is the most valuable possession anyone can have and am fortunate to have a mother who taught me that there is no bigger achievement for a woman than achieving her independence. She was my inspiration in starting Leaders in Heels and my aim is to provide a forum where women can be educated and empowered to take charge of their own lives. I’d also love to see more women in leadership positions and hope to make Leaders in Heels a positive platform for change. Read our Manifesto to get inspired and understand what Leaders in Heels is about.

I’m an author and creative designer behind “Make Your Mark” & Leaders in Heels stationery for female leaders, a commercial analyst, management accountant (ACMA) and project management professional with 10 years experience in analytical roles in Australia and Europe. I’m a high achiever, having received scholarships for and graduating with honours from university as well as winning mathematical contests. I also placed 6th in the world for one of my CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) exams. I love technology and running Leaders in Heels is like letting me loose in a web-related playground!

In my free time I love listening to jazz, playing tennis, golf, exploring the latest fashion trends and attending the ballet. I live in Sydney with my wonderful partner Nino, a true feminist who positively influences my opinions from time to time. And I couldn’t forget my corgi Happy, who is a constant source of joy and positive energy!

Check out my portfolio.

Job Title: Chief Leader in Heels, design & tech lover, coffee drinker, beautiful things sucker
Fave color: Pastel Mint, Light Blue & White
What’s on your desk: Leaders in Heels Manifesto, Chanel coco mademoiselle, Swarovski Crystals pen, Samsung & Leaders in Heels Notepad.
Favorite quote: “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.”  – Pearl S. Buck
Favorite morning beverage: Large flat white with one sugar
Secret talent: I can play piano (but I am not good at all)
Favorite LIH stationery: Black & White stripes notebook.


  • Silver award winner of the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category
  • Kasia has been named one of Australia’s most inspirational women online by Open Colleges 2014 
  • #2 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Technology Category, 2014 [Catablog]
  • #3 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Business and Finance Category, 2014 [Catablog]
  • #10 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Lifestyle Category, 2014 [Catablog]
  • #1 Top Site for Women Entrepreneurs to Love in 2013’ [She Owns It]

Online Coordinator/Editor


Anastasia Benveniste loves anything digital or creative and is passionate about human rights. She gets enormous amounts of personal satisfaction through her work in digital communications, as it allows her to share people’s stories. She has a Masters in Design Communication, and her favourite academic experience was spending a semester studying at Yale University.

Outside of work, she loves art history, painting and anything monogrammed!

Job Title: Online Coordinator / Editor
Fave color: Navy and peach
What’s on your desk: Mechanical pencils, Leaders in Heels notebook, graphics tablet and a ginger cat.
Favorite quote: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.
Favorite morning beverage: A large long black coffee (preferably in bed).
Secret talent: Drawing super intricate ink patterns, I could do them for hours.
Favorite LIH stationery: Make it Happen Planner – I love that it encourages me to think of the big picture when it comes to my goals, it keeps me on track and accountable.

Marketing Assistant/Social Media Coordinator

Shin Guan is a lover of words and all things beautiful. She is passionate about empowering women to flourish in all areas of their lives. She has a double degree in Law and Arts with a major in English and Creative Writing and is currently building her own startup.

She loves travelling, exploring and going on an adventure, and she spends her free time listening to inspirational podcasts, reading books and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Job Title: Marketing Assistant/Social Media Coordinator
Fave color: Red, White, Pastel Colours
What’s on your desk: Books, Bible, Water Bottle, Notepad
Favorite quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite morning beverage: Coffee
Secret talent: I am a visionary.
Favorite LIH stationery: Make Your Mark Self-Coaching Journal. It is the perfect self-coaching tool to keep me inspired and motivated.


Leanne Yong EditorLeanne Yong absolutely loves her technology and puzzles. With a degree in Mechatronic Engineering (a.k.a. building killer robots for world domination) and her latest job managing and designing escape rooms, she’s been surrounded by all things technological for many years now. She loves anything that makes you think and creates great ‘Ah-hah!’ moments.

The only thing she loves more than puzzles is a good story.

In her spare time you’ll find her playing nifty indie video games, reading (generally fantasy), working on her novels, and aiming to become a published author one of these days.

Job Title: Games master, wannabe author
Fave color: Purple
What’s on your desk: Writing notebook, fountain pen, bibles, too many nerdy figurines to count.
Favorite quote: “We are all of us, every one, our own works; we present our souls to our Patrons at the ends of our lives as an artisan presents the works of his hands.” – Lois Bujold McMaster, Paladin of Souls
Favorite morning beverage: Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea. Depends how stressful a morning it is!
Secret talent: Jumping before I have time to think about what a bad idea this could possibly be. It means I get to experience a lot of things I wouldn’t even attempt if I gave them more thought.
Favorite LIH stationery: The notepad, because it combines structure and creativity and beauty and makes it work!


Customer Relations Manager

Nino Laygan is all about chilling out, and how better to do it than a day on the golf course followed by some great craft beer? On the weekends, if he’s not on the course, he’s mastering the art of barbequing on his smoker and keeping our Head of Security, Mr. Happy, company!

Job Title: Customer Happiness Officer
Favourite colour: Blue
What’s on your desk: Lots of paperwork (!!) and a small speaker
Favourite quote: “Without a goal you can’t score” by Casey Neistat
Favourite morning beverage: Flat white with extra shot
Secret talent: Can sing Hungry Eyes better than Eric Carmen  
Favourite LIH stationery: The planner pad, because it keeps me on track with my daily tasks.


Events Coordinator

Angela Bee

Angela Bee is a curious cat! She loves learning about technology, doing a ‘brain dump’ of marketing and social media strategies for problems she’s passionate about, and is eager to help women grow and gain the confidence to achieve what they want to achieve. She has a degree in Communications with a major in Public Relations and currently works as a marketing specialist.

When Angela isn’t working, you’ll find her helping startups, writing her own blogs, exploring the world, and probably enjoying a cocktail or two with her family and friends.

Job Title: event manager, friendship maker
Fave color: the rainbow! I’m a colourful and vibrant person so I love a good mix and match!
What’s on your desk: colourful sticky notes, highlights of every colour, pens, textas, a notebook, headphones so I’m hands free during calls, and plenty of photos from events :)
Favorite quote: work hard play hard. Do everything 100% and enjoy and celebrate the results.
Favorite morning beverage: French earl grey from T2 wish a spoon of honey and a dash of milk
Secret talent: I used to know a few languages, but now they are mish mashed in my brain!
Favorite LIH stationery: Make your Mark notebooks. They’re beautiful, easy to carry, and keep me inspired.


Head of Security

Mr. Happy lives up to his name – he absolutely loves making others happy (though he prefers females to males… typical guy!). Despite his small stature he has a loud bark, which makes him perfect as our Head of Security.

When he’s not defending us from terrible threats like the mail, he’s also our unofficial guest welcomer who’s all about his stylish bow ties. Want to win him over? Food and treats will do it every time.

He spends his weekends sleeping, avoiding the rain or anything wet, and, of course, keeping our team company!

Job Title: Head of Security
Favourite colour: Blue.
What’s on your desk: Walkie-talkie (what else would you expect from security?)
Favourite quote: “Woof woof woof woof!”
Favourite morning beverage: Happiccino
Secret talent: Creating the illusion of multiple corgis after Mum grooms me  
Favourite LIH stationery: Boxes.



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