Make Your Mark for Coaches

Are you interested in becoming a Leaders in Heels Endorsed Coach?

Please note we do not accept any new applications for Endorsed Coaches Program until further notice.

Our coaching offer is for career, life and business coaches focusing on coaching women, who intend to incorporate Make Your Mark as part of their coaching materials. Make Your Mark is a perfect gift for your clients, and they can take it home to continue with personal development in their free time. You can also become a re-seller, and sell the products directly from your office!

As an endorsed coach you will receive:

  • 20% off on all coaching bundles (min 10 notebooks or 8 journals)
  • FREE shipping worldwide
  • You will be listed on our Endorsed Coaches page on Leaders in Heels. We regularly promote our Endorsed Coaches – it’s a great way to further promote your coaching practice and improve your SEO!

Program terms:

  • You must be providing coaching where the focus is specifically on women
  • You must share the Leaders in Heels Manifesto values
  • You must have at least 1 year of experience in coaching women, with a good rating
  • While you are listed as a Leaders in Heels Endorsed Coach, you will need to provide Leaders in Heels stationery as a gift to all your regular clients, as this is how we will be promoting our endorsed coaches. You define what a regular client is yourself, however, depending on your business model.
  • You will need to order a coaching bundle which is defined as a minimum of 10 notebooks or a minimum of 8 journals. You can mix the products as long as your minimum order before applying a discount is AUD$299 (US$239 or equivalent).
  • You will need to make an order at least once every 12 months to maintain the status of the endorsed coach
  • The products can be both resold or gifted to your coachees and clients
  • Within one month of receiving your books we will ask you to provide testimonials (written + photo or video) on the notebooks/journals, how you use them, and how they have made a difference in your coaching practice
  • You will need to include a link or badge linking to Leaders in Heels on your website, stating that you are a Leaders in Heels Endorsed Coach
  • We reserve the rights to change the terms of this offer but we will inform you of any changes

We think this program is a win-win-win! It helps you grow your coaching business, provides your clients with the best possible experience, and helps grow a female-run business, Leaders in Heels.

“Thank you again for designing such a gorgeous book. I started with a new coaching client today, and gave her your book at the end of the first session, and she loved it. This is why I need another 20 books, and I will be including your book as a journal for most of my female coachees going forward.
Amanda Webb, Founder and Director of One Degree HR, General Manager, Xplore for Successs

“The notebook served as a great platform for my leadership coaching with my clients. I would give them a notebook as a gift and then worked through each trait weekly with them. Kylie Flynn, Happy Hemisphere

Apply now!

To become a Leaders in Heels Endorsed Coach, please send the following:

  • 200 words outlining your coaching expertise
  • Any supporting links, such as your website and LinkedIn profile
  • Location/Address
  • At least one testimonial from a current or previous client

Once approved, you will be listed on our website and receive a dedicated promo code which you will be able to use via

Don’t want to hold stock?

Are you a coach with an online presence who would be happy to promote Make Your Mark, but don’t want to hold any stock? Join our affiliate program (coming soon).

Any questions?

Please contact us here.

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