Three tips for gadget-happy travels

I’m travelling at the moment, and it’s made me realise just how many gadgets we use on a daily basis. After all, when you’re always on the move in a foreign country, gadgets suddenly become a liability as well, because it’s a lot harder to simply plug them in and use them!

With that in mind, here are three simple tips to ensure that travelling with gadgets doesn’t become more trouble than they’re worth.


1. Check the voltage

A basic tip, but so easy to forget. Different countries use different voltages. America’s outlets put out 120V while Australia and Europe use 220V. Always check your chargers to see what they’re rated for. Some are only rated for 220V and therefore won’t even charge your device if in a 120v socket. And if you plug a 120V charger in a 220V socket, you’ll probably destroy your device.

I repeat. Always check the voltage.

2. Keep your chargers in your carry-on

I tend to throw my chargers into my check-in baggage whenever I travel, in order to keep my carry-on luggage under the weight limit. But it’s not a great idea when your flight(s) is/are delayed, you’re stuck in an airport for hours, possibly overnight, and just about every gadget you own is totally out of juice. Especially if that includes your mobile.

Most airports have powerpoints around that you can use, whether they’re explicitly marked or a little plug in the corner by the gate. Don’t check in your chargers and adaptors. You won’t regret it.

3. Bring a powerboard

This is a tip I give everyone who says they’re planning to travel. We have so many gadgets these days that need charging. A camera, video camera, laptop, mobile, tablet, ebook reader… it’s likely you’ll have 2-3 devices to charge at the end of the day. Add in a few travelling companions, and you’ll be fighting for the sockets in no time.

A powerboard is the simple solution. All you need is one socket and one plug adaptor, and you’re all set. A device hog? Bring along an 8-plug powerboard if you must! This will save you a lot of time and device-swapping, I promise.


Featured image: L’aéroport à Noël

What tips do you have for anyone travelling with gadgets? Let us know in the comments!