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by Kasia Gospos on August 23, 2012

This is the weirdest and luckiest day that has ever happened to me for some time. It seriously feels like there is an angel taking care of me.

I was on my way to an SQL course, parked my car in the Secure parking, beautiful warm spring day, the course was scheduled to start at 9:30am so I had plenty of time to get ready and enjoy the morning (I even had time for breakfast!). So I am walking to the café…damn, I forgot my wallet at home!!!

I believe that when you want something very much you will get it!

Obviously I am in big trouble because I will not be able to take my car from parking if I do not pay, I don’t know anyone at the course meaning no one will be willing to give money to a stranger. The only possible solution that came to my mind was to immediately call my fiancé and while I was walking in a rush, trying to reach Nino who was not picking up his phone I suddenly noticed $10 banknote on the walkway!!!! Was it an illusion? Could it be real? My parking costs $9. I picked up the $10 and done my little happy dance with a few jumps. WooHoo! I hope no one thought I was a freak!

From today I believe in a power of mind. I have never found any money in notes on the ground and when I did it was exactly on a day when I needed it so much. I believe that when you want something very much you will get it! Or maybe I am just lucky!

Have you had any similar ‘angels’ stories?

Kasia Gospos
Founder of Leaders in Heels. Passionate about using Leaders in Heels to empower and connect all women in business. Loves all 'sorts' of technology and on most days can be found happily typing away at her desk or looking up things on the web. Is a feminist at heart and loves to meet new people. Australia, Sydney
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