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Structure your Business for Success – simple strategies to streamline your business and put profit first

by Guest on May 5, 2019
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Date(s) - 05/05/2019
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

UTS Startups


Price: 95.00

Structure your Business for Success– simple strategies to streamline your business and put profit first

This is THE WORKSHOP to help you simplify your business systems and processes

– Clear-cut – Proven – Simple –

Ever dreamed of running your own business or making money doing what you love? If you’re like many business owners, you made your dream a reality but now it’s holding you hostage! So many things to think about and action in any given week, it becomes difficult to grow the business or even take a break because you end up tied down by the day to day operations. Running a business is a complex process to be repeated day in – day out and to be successful you need to implement structure to streamline your workflow. This action ensures that you can actively grow your business, as part of a successful business strategy and to make profit a priority, rather than an afterthought.

As the Founder of a startup I was all too familiar with working 6 or 7 day weeks in the name of my business and to stay afloat. I have now put the systems in place that allow me to work in the way I want to. My time is blocked and I no longer work ‘on call’. The time management structures and self-imposed boundaries I have installed in my business have allowed me to gain clarity about what matters most in my business and life, and work more effectively, focusing on the activities most likely to generate revenue.

Since launching my 2nd business Radiate Coaching I discovered that there are fundamentally 3 Simple Ways to streamline your business and take back control of your business and life:

  1. Identify and Focus on your best assets, play to your strengths and outsource the rest!
  2. Time management Tools and Strategies to block your time, open up space for revenue generating activities and create flow in your life.
  3. Setting up a Business Model Guaranteed to Earn you Money!

For this workshop we will be joined by Mr Craig Minter. Craig will be highlighting the 4th topic, the benefits of running a business with a focus on PROFIT FIRST. He will share the thinking and model behind why operating with PROFIT FIRST in a business is critical to a setting up a sustainable and balanced business structure.

Craig is a CPA Accountant with 20 years’ experience working with organisations that have had turnover ranging from 20 thousand dollars to 200 million in various industries across the world. Craig is also a Certified Profit First Professional, with his firm Mints CD Consulting being one of the select few Australia wide trained in the Profit First methodology.

Craig has a strong awareness that cash flow is the number one issue facing most small businesses. And therefore shows the clients he works with how simple cash flow management can be, how they can feel in control of their cash flow at all times, and the freedom they can create with the increasing profits that result.

You will walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of the above 4 points and take-away material to continue developing your business. You will learn how to start and grow your business. You will not be disappointed as I am sharing the same strategic business advice that I share with my Coaching clients, plus 8 years of business learnings from 3 different businesses.

Perhaps you have wondered where you will be in the future if you are unable to regain control of your business. Too many people postpone their happiness and ambitions in life because they hesitate to trust their gut and have confidence issues or are confused or stuck about what direction to take to start or grow their business. Please do not be one of them.

To further assist you in launching your business and making money doing what you love we put together an event called Structure your Business for Success– simple strategies to streamline your business and put profit first so you can sharpen your business skills and start streamlining your business right now! If you are worried about whether this will be a waste of time and energy you may want to look me up on the Radiate Coaching website and put a friendly face to the name.


======== WHO’S IT FOR? ========

✔️ Busy women who want to block out a half day over the weekend to focus on the direction of their life, career or business
✔️ Any woman that’s working away 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love and thinking about starting a business

✔️Women at any stage of the business life cycle who want to learn how to implement new systems and processes to spend more time doing what they love in their business and prioritise making profits.
✔️Any woman with a BIG idea for a business but is not pursuing because they doubt their ability to make it a reality
✔️ Women who are thinking about starting a new business but don’t know where to start
✔️ Existing female founders/business owners looking for more tips and strategies on how to improve their business processes

✔️ Any woman that wants to create a new life direction with their own business and live their best life!

Where: UTS Startups, Ultimo

Date: 5 May, 2019

Time: 10am – 2pm



Patricia is putting on this training and it’s her high value gift to you.

It includes handouts and convenient step-by-step content full of business secrets, ensuring that you leave with an improved understanding of HOW TO STRUCTURE AND STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS. Drinks and lunch will be provided. All we ask is that you:

– Please share this event and invite your friends and family.

UTS Startups is a beautiful Coworking Space. We are being hosted in a Seminar Room with a large kitchen area nearby, perfect for networking on a Sunday afternoon! UTS Startups is close to Central Station, very accessible within a 10 min walk of the station, with some off-street (metered) parking on Ultimo St and nearby streets as well.

We’ll be meeting on Level 1. UTS Startups is located at 622-632 Harris St, Ultimo. Enter through the glass doors on Harris St.  If you’re coming from Central Station, walk towards the Goods Line at Haymarket (after the long Tunnel from Central station).


We have drinks and lunch ready for you on the day! You will have a fantastic time and the opportunity to meet other women with similar business goals. Bring your business cards if you have them, get ready to network, make new business contacts and learn about how you can STRUCTURE your BUSINESS using simple strategies!



+ HOST Patricia Kaziro |


Visit us here to learn more about how we are empowering women to reach their business dreams and goals faster:


Simply BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE and we look forward to seeing you at UTS Startups on 5 May.

Testimonial 1

Name: Agnieska Mozer

Attended: Workshop 1: From Dream to Reality – how to earn money from your passion by starting your business today’

A brilliant journey! Patricia’s knowledge about business and level of professionalism is outstanding. I have taken away many learnings from the workshop ‘From Dream to Reality – how to earn money from your passion by starting your business today’. I look forward to putting them into practice as I left the workshop fully committed to starting my own business.

Testimonial 2

Name: Julie Freitas

Position: Founder

Company: FreshWeigh (Boston, USA)

Before working with Patricia, I was overwhelmed and lacked clarity on how to start my new food business.

While working with Patricia we remodeled my original business idea to something more scalable, set up a business presence on social media platforms, enhanced the business website with meaningful content, worked on defining market needs through online surveys, and identified strategic partners that are aligned with the values of both me and my business.

Because of our time together I have been able to stay organised through clear goal-setting, learned the value of researching your target market (prior to launch) and with Patricia’s helpful guidance and unwavering encouragement feel now I am much closer to the launch of my new business.

I would highly recommend working with Patricia to anyone who wants to get focused results on setting up their business start-up.

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