For your ears only: the soft power of women in business.

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Date(s) - 11/07/2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

WeWork Martin Place



Need some inspiration this winter? Join a dynamic panel of women for a fireside chat on July 11. This eye-opening exploration will uncover the soft power that women hold, using their voices as an instrument for change. How do women express themselves through business, creativity and innovation for the benefit of people and planet? A diverse panel featuring several female founders and women immersed in the innovation space will be sharing their key insights and stories of how they’ve channelled their voice to maximise the impact of their work.


The evening will be hosted by Patricia Kaziro, Founder of Radiate Coaching. Our speakers are:


Rosary Coloma – Co-Founder, Beneco Futures

Nicola Hazell – SheStarts Director, Head of Diversity & Impact, BlueChilli

Blaise McCann – CEO & Founder, Hear Us Roar

Marley Palin – CEO & Founder, Glue and You


Here’s a taste of what our Speakers have to say:


Why have you set this Speaker Series up?

When women have a chance to show up we do more than that. We work hard, work well together and women are so much more than our stereotypes. I am so often amazed when I meet women doing incredible things and I wonder why I never hear about them in the media. I want to give women a platform to share their stories, what it is they’re passionate about and working towards in their daily lives. Women who use their power wisely to help others and those that can shine a light for other women to show them how they can also step up.


What have you observed about the power of women’s voices to create a positive impact through business? Your voice allows you to do what?

What I’ve observed is that when we women passionately use our voices together with our largely nurturing and caring nature, we are more able to influence the business world to care about making a positive impact, rather than just trying to convince people solely through facts and data. My voice as a co-founder of a purpose-driven business, allows me to influence business and society to drive innovation towards addressing important societal and environmental challenges.


How has your voice grown since you started Hear Us Roar? Does your business allow you to do anything that you couldn’t do before?

People are more likely to listen to what I say now that I have my own business.

I’m in rooms with men that would otherwise not be listening to me – who are now hanging on to my every word. It’s been a truly powerful experience. 


How does Glue and You help women who we often don’t see or hear in society? What inspired you to create a platform that gives a voice to the issue of Domestic Violence (DV)? 

Domestic Violence impacts 1 in 3 women in Australia, which is an incredibly large section of our population; but because of the shame and stigma associated with DV, survivors are deprived of a sense a community. There is no place for domestic violence survivors to connect and support each other. 

 I truly believe that you can’t be what you can’t see. These women need to see other women who have weathered the storm and survived. Women in 6 months time, 5 years time, 10 years time. They need to see women who have rebuilt careers and rekindled friendships. They need to see women who are thriving and happy, so they know that they too get to be happy. Glue and You is a tribe of women who have face the eye of the storm, but came through the other side, and are now holding a map for those still lost inside. 

Join us on the 11th and be inspired. How can you use your voice for change?

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