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LEADERS IN HEELS is an online community created to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders.

Leaders in Heels started in 2011 as an online platform to inspire and equip female leaders and entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms. The website contains information on all aspects related to developing careers and running thriving businesses, while promoting a healthy work-life balance. Leaders in Heels provides practical tools, stationery, free resources, events and an online community to help women connect, network, and most importantly, support each other.

In 2014 Leaders in Heels launched elegant and purposeful stationery that inspires women to find and follow their passion, and helps them stay on track to achieve their goals and dreams.

The site now reaches 70,000 page views per month and has over 120,000 followers across social media.

Why we think you would love to be part of our team:

  • Leaders in Heels is a small business – every team member has a lot of power to introduce and implement ideas.
  • Our main objective is to empower women to create fabulous careers, businesses and lives. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Even though we are young, we are also growing very fast. Anything we do for Leaders in Heels is helping women by equipping and empowering them through education.
  • Leaders in Heels – doesn’t the name sound totally cool?

We currently have the following open positions:

  • Contributor/Interviewing Contributor – please read more here
  • Online Coordinator/Editor/Community coach – ongoing role
  • Internship/Marketing



Online Coordinator/Editor/Community coach – ongoing role

We are searching for an online coordinator with interest in female empowerment, leadership, and coaching to join our team.

Your primary role will be to coach, educate and inspire our community through curating and coordinating inspirational content for our blog, dealing with contributors, managing our newsletter communication and interacting with the Leaders in Heels community via our blog and newsletter. Through your work, you will also manage the public profile of our founder and promote our inspirational stationery. If you are interested in broader marketing and PR assignments, there are further opportunities within the business. You will be reporting to Kasia Gospos, the founder and CEO. You will also have the opportunity to attend women’s events and network with inspiring women who are leaders in their field.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Loves writing! This is our #1 requirement. You need to be fluent in English, well-written, and be comfortable in writing in a conversational tone
  • Currently studies or has a recent degree in coaching, psychology, women’s studies, media, communication, PR, marketing, business, commerce or a related field
  • Loves all things related to women’s empowerment, career progression, women’s rights, leadership, self-development, and similar topics
  • Loves stationery, planning, goal-setting and organisation
  • Totally loves and understands start-up/small business life. You will learn from mistakes, work remotely, and be flexible in your thinking. We have no manuals, not many instructions, no fancy office with hundreds of employees. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand, this role is not for you.
  • Is willing to commit to working with Leaders in Heels long-term
  • Is based in Australia – most of our work is done remotely but we would love to get to know you and meet from time to time
  • Is available for 2-3 hours per week (or 8-12 hours per month) starting from January (can start earlier)
  • Ability to use graphic design software is a bonus

If this is you, please apply here by completing this form before 15th November.


Internship/Marketing Assistant

Do you need marketing experience and want to help spread the word about Leaders in Heels? We are looking for a fun and energetic marketing assistant to join our team of volunteers and help us grow membership and continue to build our brand.
If this is you, please send us your CV and cover letter via our Contact Us form (select topic “Other”).
For more information, please contact our founder Kasia using our contact form (select topic “Other”) and tell us what experience you have and why you want to join our team.

Other roles

If you want to volunteer some of your time, please ask us what we need. There is always something on our list to do :)

If you are interested please email Kasia using our contact form (select topic “Other”).

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