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Follow your Bliss & Design a Career around It

by Vanessa Jane on September 23, 2014

I was deeply affected by the passing of Robin Williams in August of this year.

Having suffered from depression myself over the years, I can appreciate the feeling. It reminded me of his legacy, the huge library of films he has, and of one in particular.

Probably the most prolific of all his movies was “Dead Poets Society”. There is a very famous quote from this movie:

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary

It rings true for us all. What does it take to make your life extraordinary?

I think it goes a little like this:

  1. Know you are extraordinary first and foremost – you DO NOT have to earn it.
  2. Clean up your past, make peace with those you have wronged, and find a way to exist with your family in harmony cause who you are as a person is who you are in business.
  3. Know what you love to do, really know it, not just what you think, but what truly lights you up.
  4. Find something that you are really good at and stick with it till you master it.
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and what you like, be true to yourself.
  6. Stand up for yourself, don’t ever be a victim. Take responsibility for everything in your life.
  7. Know that when you aren’t getting what you want, its because you are resisting something – find out what it is and heal it or it will be with you on the journey of your life.


Those are some of what I have found help make us extraordinary, over many many years of study, coaching, working and applying all of it. Sometimes we can’t find it for ourselves and we need a little help.

I recently created a dynamite webinar where I shared the blueprint I created that helps us find our own version of extraordinary, another way to say it is ‘our bliss’, or ‘what we were meant for’.

Find what You were Meant for & Design a Career around It is all about connecting the purpose to the career – that is where you are in that sweet spot, the bliss spot.

Our time here is not unlimited, we have to grab every opportunity to find what we were meant to do. Remember your bliss is your responsibility.

If you are seeking a career that brings you bliss, have been made redundant, going through a mid life crisis, feeling stuck or are not sure what to do next, this webinar is going to help you.

Check it out at https://vanessajane410.leadpages.net/find-your-bliss-webinar-

Hope you enjoy it!

Do you know that you are brimming with dormant, untapped talent and creativity, and that you already possess everything you need to charter your own magnificence? It’s absolutely true!

Vanessa-Jane-Profile-Pic-Leaders-in-HeelsVanessa Jane is an Entrepreneurial Muse & Creative Strategist, assisting people find their life’s calling through sessions at www.vanessajane.com. She holds a Diploma of Marketing, (Arts & Entertainment), a Diploma of Social Science (Psychology), is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Advanced Neurological Repatterning, and is a Master of hypnosis.



Featured Photo Credit: messycupcakes via Compfight cc

Vanessa Jane
As an Entrepreneurial Muse and Creative Strategist, Vanessa’s own talent has been identified as the gift of vision – the almost unnerving ability to recognize potential in almost anyone, to create ideas and opportunities out of any situation, and to navigate clients toward empowerment and fulfillment, and making money out of ideas. She is a Creative Strategist in the truest sense.Vanessa works with the visionaries, thought leaders, rule breakers and adventurers and game changers, the dreamers and future shapers on how to become known for something, how to stand out! Her background in marketing, the corporate and financial worlds and a carefully honed creativity which allow her to understand the needs of a growing business, and she has the tenacity and energy to make it succeed. From the rich tapestry of her own employment history, she has the flexibility to assist her clients in a broad range of commercially profitable, creative ventures and business enterprises.
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