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‘Girls in Science’ Worst Campaign Ever [VIDEO]

by Kasia Gospos on June 26, 2012

“Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” video was part of the ‘Girls in Science’ Campaign and it meant to encourage young girls to study and pursue a career in science. Instead it completely missed the target audience and received a significant amount of criticism to the extent that the video was removed from the campaign.

The video describes the lab more like a runway where three women strut around in heels, wearing short skirts and safety goggles.

“Well, that was a gross misrepresentation of young women.” a YouTube user writes in comments.

“As well as being really astonishingly sexist it isn’t even a good advert for science! I’m pretty sure there are more glamorous things to do than making make up in science – like curing currently incurable illnesses, discovering new planets and solar systems, researching renewable energies, finding a way of stopping climate change… the list goes on and on. But no – we’re female so showing that makeup is science would definitely make us want to go into scientific fields!” another YouTube user says.

“How condescending this is, not only to the female scientists but also to science itself if people really believe that this ‘fashionized’ video is in any way representative for what is going on in research labs”.

What are your thoughts?

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