Creating Brand Awareness Online - Anna Kochetkova, Client Manager
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Creating Brand Awareness Online – Katja Forbes, Founder of Perceptive Ideas

by Leanne YongJune 13, 2015

On Tuesday 16 June, 2015, Leaders in Heels is holding our first-ever workshop about Creating Brand Awareness Online. It’s a free event held at Fishburners, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW. In the lead-up to the event, we’ve asked our amazing speakers a few questions about online branding, and any tips they have for entrepreneurs. You can find our previous interviews with speakers Andre Weyher and Anna Kochetkova.

Our final speaker and interviewee is Katja Forbes. She’s been working in digital media since the mid 1990′s. She has spent time in a number of companies such as Sapient, Thomson Reuters and Yahoo in Sydney, London, Tokyo, Delhi and Beijing. Katja enjoys sharing her experiences in the challenging and fascinating field of experience design. She now runs an independent consultancy, Perceptive Ideas, and is an educator at Sydney University in their Design Lab.

Katja original

1. What do you do and what is your experience with Creating Brand Awareness Online?

I’m an experience specialist running my own research and strategy consultancy most days of the week and an educator at Sydney Uni for the love of teaching. Brand and experience design are inextricably linked so everything I create contributes to a businesses brand perception.

2. How has online branding changed over the past 5 years online?

It’s not about logos any more, it’s about the entire experience a customer has, where they’ve come from, what expectations they’re bringing to the experience a brand is providing and what they remember from it afterwards.

3. What is one common mistake you’ve seen people make when marketing their brand online?

Thinking its just about the logo and snazzy design. Brand has to be treated in a holistic fashion.

4. What is one hot tip you’d give entrepreneurs if they have never marketed before?

Understand your target customers at a deep and meaningful level so you can truly provide them with experiences that they want and possibly don’t even know they need.

5. If you had to be a brand, who would you be and why?

Omega. It’s beautifully designed, executes on its purpose flawlessly and is utterly reliable in terms of quality and delivery.

If you like what Katja has to say, why not sign up for our workshop–it’s free, and you’ll be getting the best advice from experts in the brand awareness field!


Leanne Yong
Leanne Yong is the Leaders in Heels Managing Editor, and a Games Master for an escape room (Next Level Escape). She loves stories and puzzles, and has written four novels.
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