Our passion is to help business women succeed and we are always more than happy to hear if other like-minded women want to join us in our mission. To help us manage the editorial schedule and emails from contributors we have created a few rules around regular contribution.

Regular contributors’ guideline


Once a month

Number of articles

To become a regular contributor you need to be willing to provide at least 5 articles and know the basics of WordPress (or willing to learn – it’s very easy). We also ask you to be an active contributor i.e link back/retweet, share your articles once published and answer comments from our readers.


The same rules apply as for casual contributors. Each blog post contribution will be subject to our approval before it goes live. We reserve the right to edit the content.


Good stuff (what you get!)

  • We will set up a contributor’s account for you, meaning you will be listed on the official contributors’ page. Your profile can include free links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, RSS, Pinterest etc. These links will be displayed on the Contributors’ page and under each article published by you.
  • You can proudly display Leaders in Heels contributors’ badge on your website
  • You will receive access to your WordPress account where you will be able to create a draft of the article.
  • We will agree together on the best time in the month for you to provide the draft. After you make your contribution, we will do our best to review, adjust, proof read, add image and publish it as soon as possible. There may be a case when we delay publishing of your content due to contextual reasons.
  • The copyright remains with the Contributor. We will credit your work and promote your profile through our website and social media.
  • You can always decide to not contribute anymore. That’s alright.  Once you make this decision we will remove your account however every article will keep stating you were the author and the information about you. Your articles are yours forever.
  • The power of Leaders in Heels as a tool to promote our work is in our hands.  It’s great that you share your articles on LinkedIn, twitter or Facebook but I suggest that you don’t restrict your sharing to your own articles. Spread the love and share the  contributions of others – if everyone does the same, imagine the potential reach of your articles!

If you are happy with our terms please:

1. Register your profile with Leaders in Heels. The Contributor’s Form will be available for download once your registration is confirmed. If you are already a subscriber, please check the footer of our weekly emails.

2. Send us completed Contributor’s Form via contact us page. The form will include:

  • your short bio
  • your first article or example of your work
  • links to online profiles & websites
  • a few titles/ideas you have in mind
  • why you think you would be a good fit to join Leaders in Heels contributors’ team

Once we receive your application we will be in touch very soon.