Thank you for your interest in becoming an Interviewing Contributor for Leaders in Heels!

Our mission at Leaders in Heels is to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders to reach for their goals. We publish educational articles and provide the tools to help women find and follow their passion, be creative and innovative in their lives, feel confident and determined in their endeavours, and maintain a kind heart on the path to success.

Interviewing Contributor’s Role

We understand that it can be difficult to get in contact with people whom you admire and/or desire as a mentor due to a number of barriers (including nerves!).

Hence, Leaders in Heels has developed the role of Interviewing Contributor to benefit both you and our community of readers. This role will provide you with the backing of the Leaders in Heels brand, as well as the purpose of writing an article, to give you confidence and a structure for discussion when reaching out to those hard-to-approach individuals.

As you will be able to offer them valuable exposure for free, they are far more likely to agree to a meeting or discussion than if you approach them with nothing but good intentions.

So why become an interviewing contributor for Leaders in Heels?

  • Benefit from the opportunity to meet with the individuals you look up to
  • Grow your knowledge and push your boundaries
  • Develop and practice interviewing and writing skills
  • Publish content with a reputable website that you can link back to your LinkedIn profile or CV
  • And, of course, contribute to the betterment of womankind by sharing your knowledge and insights with our readers. Who knows what action you may inspire!

Role & Responsibilities

Your primary role as an Interviewing Contributor will be:

  1. To identify, contact, and interview interesting individuals, entrepreneurs and business people on behalf of Leaders in Heels
  2. To develop, write and submit an engaging article to the editor in line with our Editorial Guidelines within 2 weeks of the interview date.

As this framework is very loose, your commitment can be as casual or regular as you wish.

Leaders in Heels’ reputation is key to maintaining our brand and position as a leading online publication. When representing Leaders in Heels you will be required to think & act professionally. Once enrolled on the program you will receive a guideline that will explain how-to introduce the Leaders in Heels brand and the how to introduce yourself and your role appropriately before contacting any potential interview subjects.

What You Can Expect of Us

Because every agreement takes two, we promise you the following in return for your hard work:

Support and Guidance

Through this program you will receive a number of helpful guides that will enable you to successfully operate as an Interviewing Contributor. What’s more, our editors are on hand to provide you with support and guidance, answer your questions, and help you solve any problems you may encounter. You are not alone!

You Will Always be Credited for Your Work

You will always be credited for your work and copyright remains with you, even after you stop contributing. Your work is yours forever! We will continue to credit your work and promote your profile through our website and social media.

You Will be Featured on the Contributors Page

This means you will be listed on the official Contributors page. Your profile can include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, RSS, Pinterest, etc. These links will be displayed on the Contributors page and under each article you publish.

You can also proudly display Leaders in Heels contributors’ badge on your website.

Access to Your Own Leaders in Heels Account

You will receive access to your own Leaders in Heels WordPress account where you will be able to create a draft of the article for review by the editors.

Editorial oversight

We will review, adjust, proofread, add images and publish the interview—and will do our best to get it published as soon as possible.

No Lock-in Contract!

You can always decide to not contribute anymore. That’s all right.  Once you make this decision we will remove your account; however every article will still state that you were the author, and the information about you. Your articles are yours forever.


Next Steps

If you would like to become an Interviewing Contributor please contact us and provide us with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your current role
  • Your phone number
  • Relevant URL/social media links
  • Your bio or CV
  • Tell us:
    • Why you would like to become an interviewing contributor?
    • Where are you based?
    • Which methods of interviews are you comfortable with? (face-to-face, phone, email…)
    • Have you had any experience conducting interviews? Please send us any links to previous content you’ve written (if applicable)
    • List 5-10 names of people you would like to interview and briefly discuss the intended topic/theme of each interview

We will review the information provided and we will be in touch very soon.

We look forward to working with you!

Kasia Gospos & the team at Leaders in Heels