Thanks for your interest in becoming a contributor for Leaders in Heels.  Our community is full of women who are actively creating a life they desire, and your contribution will give them the support and inspiration they need.  Contributing has the added benefit of raising your profile and giving you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of like-minded women.

You can contribute to Leaders in Heels in three different ways:

  • Casual contributor – experts who want to do a one off contribution
  • Regular contributor – experts who want to contribute their knowledge on monthly basis. As a regular contributor you will be listed on our Contributors page with photo, links to your website and social media profile and you will also receive access to Leaders in Heels account allowing you to submit your articles directly.
  • Interviewing Contributor – women who have the desire to meet and interview other inspiring, successful people.

Below are testimonials from some of our regular contributors:

 “The Leaders in Heels team are extremely supportive and the extra promotion I receive through contributing regular articles is wonderful. I am so proud to be associated with such a successful online network and I look for every opportunity to direct people to Leaders in Heels. It has been exciting to watch the network grow and develop such a strong presence across many different social media platforms, knowing that as Leaders in Heels grows so does my own personal brand. Thank you Kasia and the team for all you are and continue to be. – Kathie Kelly, Director, Square Pegs Consulting


“What can I say, other than I love be a part of the Leaders in Heels community!  I’ve been a contributor for some years now and find their articles and topics very relatable to women wanting to move forward in their lives.  They are a great supporter of me and my business, as I am of them.  I look forward to changing and growing along with Leaders in Heels for many years to come.” – Glenise Anderson, Self Confident Women

Before contacting us please familiarize yourself with our editorial guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

1. Readers

First and foremost, your contribution must fit with our readers. They’re women who are pursuing their passions and defining what success means to them. They want to get practical advice and resources to help them on their journey.

 2. Topics

Bring your expertise and commentary on topics relating to our manifesto – if you’re not familiar with it, you can read it HERE.

We also recommend you take some time to read through some of our previously published articles to get an idea of the kind of content we’re after.


3. Previous publication

The content needs to be unique and not published on any other website. By contributing you declare that all work submitted is solely your original creation and property. When using third party content please quote and credit the source.

 4. Style

Types of articles

Your article should follow one of the formats described below:

  • Lists: We love to read well-structured articles that are easy to follow and digest, where we can give subheadings to each section. The titles are often “Top 10 tips”, “10 secrets to”, “5 tactics on”, “10 lessons”, “7 mistakes”, “8 steps”, “3 strategies”, etc.
  • How-To: Share your expertise and knowledge so that our readers can easily understand and take action. Include screenshots and images.
  • Trends: Identify hot products, applications, changes on the market, trendy items, next big thing. Readers don’t have time to research so they love to read about what’s hot and new.
  • Q&A: This format is mainly used by our interviewing contributors


All articles must be well-written and interesting to read. The style of your posts might be light, conversational and a little bit personal. People love to know they are connecting with a real person! You don’t need to know it all, but you have to have a point of view.  Share your stories and experiences. Don’t be afraid to be controversial! Take a stand on an issue that’s important in your industry. Invite comments. By asking simple “what do you think?” you encourage readers to share their opinions and enter the debate.

Article Length

Articles should be a minimum of 800 words in length, but preferably over 1200 words.


Educational articles need to be well researched, evidence-based and data-driven. Every claim should be backed up with data. Include examples, research, links to other useful resources etc. Include facts, figures and quotes that are qualified, with an identified source.

Include references to your business experience or other businesses you have worked with. Teach through stories! These articles are always the most popular.


Put an effort into the structure of your posts: include headings and subheadings, lists, and images throughout the article to draw the reader’s attention to topic areas.


Make your articles useful: include action items for the readers at the end of each article.

Before you start writing, ask yourself two things: Is it interesting? Will Leaders in Heels readers care? If the answer is YES to both questions, then do go on!

5. Privacy

By sharing your personal details such as your bio, links, profile picture, you agree that Leaders in Heels can publish this information on our website in order to promote you as a Contributor.

6. Share the love!

Once we publish your article please make the time to link back to the Leaders in Heels site from your website or blog. You can also embed one of the official contributor’s badges. We ask you to be an active contributor; that is, link, retweet, and share your articles once published, and answer comments from your readers.


We love to help other businesses but the content we publish is always educational. Authors need to be an expert in their particular field and although publication of the article may generate interest in the author’s business, it cannot be written to advertise products or services.  Any call-to-action statements or embedding of unrelated links are not allowed in your posts. Each article is subject to our approval before it goes live. We reserve the right to edit the content or remove links. If you are a ghost writer writing for your client, or represent a SEO/online marketing company your posts will be always considered as advertorials. Please contact us for a quote.

What’s next

Casual Contributors

Are you an expert who would like to contribute a one-off guest post? Please register your profile to download a Contributor’s Form in your welcome pack. The Contributor’s Form will be available for download in your welcome email. If you are already a subscriber you can find it in the footer of our weekly newsletter.

Regular Contributors

Thinking of contributing on regular basis? Read our short guide for regular contributors where you will find more details about the additional benefits of being our regular contributor.

Interviewing Contributors

Wanting to interview other successful business people and entrepreneurs on behalf of Leaders in Heels? Read this short guide for becoming an interviewing contributor.

Writing for a client/advertorial

If you are interested in promoting your product or business or if you are a writer writing for your client or represent a SEO/online marketing company please contact us for a quote.

Contact us

We are thrilled that you would like to contribute a guest post to Leaders in Heels.

Please use the form below to send your post for consideration (max. file attachment 1MB).

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What is the difference between a guest post and an advertorial

A guest post is an unbiased opinion about the topic. In a guest post, you cannot talk about your brand and business, and any links to products and services in the post must be unbiased and express true endorsement. You will be credited as an expert at the bottom of the article, and you can include a link to your business there. Each guest post must have an author who is an expert in that field – no ghost writing please. A guest post is not to be used as a SEO link building tool. Posts must also contain original content and ideas that share your expertise and experience.

A paid advertorial allows you to talk about your brand. The focus is on you, your product and service. Do note that the content still needs to be relevant, interesting, and fit our style guidelines. You can link to your website and freely mention the benefits of your products or working with you. Think of it as a long-term investment. In the first month after publishing we share all articles multiple times on all social media platforms and then repeat tweets many months later. You have full control over the feel and wording of the advertorial and the final copy will be sent to you before publishing. The article doesn’t need to be authored by an expert. We work with you directly to get the most out of the advertorial.

I sent an article. When can I hear from you?

As we receive many contributions we are not always in a position to respond to every email. If you are successful or we have any questions we will email you as soon as your submission is reviewed. If you don’t hear from us within 14 days you can consider your submission unsuccessful. This is most likely due to one of the reasons below:

  • You haven’t followed the contributors’ guidelines
  • You haven’t used the contributor form and therefore haven’t provided all necessary details
  • The content doesn’t fit Leaders in Heels. We expect all content to be educational to our readers, whether it be a straightforward “How to” or list of tips, or through personal experiences and stories or interviews
  • You haven’t included sufficient details about who you are and why you are qualified to be writing this article
  • Your article reads like sponsored content or ghost writing