Why social media ?

The world has gone social media crazy! And if you run a small or medium business it’s great news. The number of social media platforms seems to grow by the minute and adoption rates grow even faster. People are choosing their favourites, and with smart phones and tablets they are engaging constantly.

So why should your brand bother with social media marketing you ask?

3 Reasons why your Brand Needs Social Media

1.       It’s Free

Websites can cost thousands, tens of them even. But social media is free. It allows you to create a space for current customers to show advocacy and engage with your brand in real time. While for potential customers it becomes a way to increase awareness and conversion at every stage of the purchase funnel.

2.       It gives you presence

If you printed every email you receive promising to improve your website SEO (search engine optimisation), you would be able to publish a multi volume book. Social media gives you authentic and meaningful SEO automatically. Your brand is being represented across multiple platforms allowing you to be found more easily and command a stronger online presence.

Most social media platforms are responding to the needs of businesses and are creating brandable spaces so you can ensure your social media strategy is consistent with your existing branding both online and offline.

3.       It helps you engage customers, in their language

Some customers want to tweet about it, some want to like it, others want to make a fancy photo out of it and then there’s those that want to pin it. Social media platforms provide consumers with a choice on how to engage. As a brand, you can now talk in that language; tell the tweeters what you are doing; share with the likers something they can’t resist; create situations they have to snap or show them photos they need to pin. Every time you do, they will spread your brand for you and you’ll expand your reach.

Which social media ?

Think about your target market, find out which social media platform they are most engaged with and then make your mark.

Mary-Anne Amies

Mary-Anne Amies heads up Wise Up Marketing Solutions, bringing over 12 years of “big brand” marketing experience to small business owners. Mary-Anne is passionate about providing practical, affordable and easy to implement advice to help small business grow.

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It’s coming up to my 2 year anniversary this month. 2 years since the office gathered around to farewell me, and I, heavily pregnant and exhausted, vowed to return in 9 months time to my Brand Manager role at Pacific Brands.

Inside there was a lot of doubt.  I had watched co workers have children and return to full time hours, the up keep of interstate and international travel and the expectation to attend out of hours events at a minutes’ notice. With this, I had seen first birthdays missed, sick children passed between carers and tears… lots of tears.

So 6 months after having my first child, I started to toe the water and see if I could create a viable business and not return to a full time job. Now 18 months (and another child) later, I happily run Wise Up Marketing Solutions from an office / toy room in my home, working varied hours across day, night and weekends to suit my family.

I juggle a business with a toddler and a baby and people always ask “How do you do it?” These are my 5 secrets:

1. Start early and get organised

By 8.30am, we are all up, have had breakfast and I am showered and dressed. While my son finishes breakfast I cover off emails and schedule in the jobs that have popped up overnight amongst the work planned for the day.

2. Invest in a smart phone

I have an iPhone I use it for email, social media, wordpress, mailchimp and more. I can monitor, respond and action work on the go. It doubles as a great distraction tool for my toddler with loads of kid’s music and apps on there too.

3. Be upfront with clients

My clients know that generally I only make and take calls between 11am and 1pm, when everyone is asleep. Outside of those times its voicemail and I call back when I can. I have communicated that emails will always be answered on the same day and I give notice on the days when things go pear shaped.

4. Maintain human contact

Networking face to face can renew your commitment and make you feel like a proper businesswoman again. Once a month I meet with a fabulous bunch of business mums, to brainstorm and business build, it’s also important to hear how everyone else is juggling their work and family.

5. Be prepared to throw your plans out the window

Some days, the best laid plans get overtaken by tummy bugs or fantastic weather outside. Always set deadlines that are generous, it removes the pressure from each day.

Juggling a business with children is certainly a challenge, buts it’s a rewarding one.  You need to be a strong multi tasker, be flexible and willing to compromise. And some days you just need to put on your out of office and completely enjoy your little ones, because, you can.

Mary-Anne Amies 

Mary-Anne Amies heads up Wise Up Marketing Solutions, bringing over 12 years of “big brand” marketing experience to small business owners. Mary-Anne is passionate about providing practical, affordable and easy to implement advice to help small business grow.